SharpGL is a C# library that allows you to use OpenGL in your .NET Framework based application with ease!

New! The SharpGL source code is in the process of being migrated to GitHub - check out the project at!

New! You can now install SharpGL with Nuget - just search for SharpGL and you'll find SharpGL for WinForms and SharpGL for WPF!

Sample Applications

SharpGL comes with many sample applications that you can use to learn how to program with OpenGL. Find out more!

Project Templates for OpenGL Powered Applications

Install the SharpGL Visual Studio Extension to get new project templates to build powerful OpenGL applications using SharpGL. Find out more!

Current Development

SharpGL 2.1 has just been released, this release includes improvements to materials and shaders as well as lots of bug fixes.

Development Notes

As I work on SharpGL I am keeping track of certain interesting areas/problems and resolutions on my blog at:


SharpGL is proudly sponsored by NDepend! Find out more at

Powered by NDepend

Many thanks to everyone at NDepend for helping this open source project!

SharpGL is also sponsored by Redgate, who have kindly provided a copy of their superb .NET Developer Bundle.

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