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Expected Performance

Apr 13, 2012 at 10:07 AM

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering: What is the performance I should expect to get from SharpGL? I've played around with the sample applications and for some reason, all of them run a) very slow and b) very "unsmooth". For example, when I maximize the window of the WPF teapot example on my MacBook Pro (nVidia 9400M) I hardly get 10 FPS and the FPS bounces noticably between 3 and 12 FPS. I even gave up my virtual machine and moved to a native bootcamp Win 7 64bit installation, but still... what surprised me was that the Winforms samples also ran pretty slow and stuttered. I've installed the latest nVidia drivers and tried a few of the nvidia OpenGL demos and they run okay, so my installation should not be the problem.

I assumed there would be some performance penalty by doing all the FBO-readback-to-WPF-image stuff, but this... with all the effort put into SharpGL, I'm positive that it's something I (!) did wrong but I cannot figure out what. So am I expecting too much from SharpGL? Is it more a proof of concept than to be used in a production environment? What framerates do you guys get?


P.S. By the way: Why is the default FPS set to 28 for the WPF control? I was a bit surprised when I found that one... I would have thought the whole code would run as fast as it could or be blocked by VSync instead of having a time trigger...

Apr 29, 2013 at 8:53 AM
The same for me here on a native windows 8 machine...

The WPF samples are very slow... while of course I'm able to run for example Diablo 3... so is not a pc problem

Does anyone know why?