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Parent-Child relationship with .OBJ 3D model

Jul 19, 2013 at 3:24 AM
I created a polygon from a 3D model with the .obj file.

The polygon is displayed without any problems on the SharpGL.SceneControl 2.1.

Likewise, I created another polygon from a 3D model with the .obj file and displayed it on the screen.

I am having trouble to make one polygon the parent of the other polygon. I tried all of the suggestions on the posts but nothing worked and each polygon behaves independently.

For example, polygon A is the model of a forearm and polygon B is a model of the hand-wrist. When the forearm is translated, I would like the hand-wrist to also be translated automatically.

Example code:
Polygon forearm;
Polygon hand-wrist;

forearm = ForearmDisplay(); ;
hand-wrist =Hand-WristDisplay();


Could you please let me know possible suggestions to fix the problem?