SharpGL interfering with propertyGrid


SharpGL seems to interfere with the C# propertyGrid control.

A Boolean value in the propertyGrid, has a down arrow which produces a selection box to allow value changing from true to false.

At slow SharpGL frame rates (~10fps) the drop down selection box stops working (first click may work).
The Boolean value can still be changed by double clicking on the True/False text.

It's weird!
It's like the SharpGL control is interfering with the window control messages. Is it possible?

Tested in a separate (bare minimum) project/application (as attached) and have same result.
Tested in XP and win 7.

Issue is of low importance, however I wonder if other controls have similar issues.

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AORD wrote Nov 18, 2014 at 4:09 AM

I guess I may be expecting too much from the windows message system while under massive openGL vertex load.

The solution maybe to use RenderTrigger set to manual (this shows up in the openGLControl properties window depending on SharpGL version) .