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RenderContentType=FBO failure

Apr 21, 2015 at 9:47 PM

After trial and error, I have concluded that RenderContentType = FBO is faster than RenderContentType = NativeWindow.

I have modified the ModernOpenGLSample app to the following:

this.openGLControl1.OpenGLVersion = SharpGL.Version.OpenGLVersion.OpenGL2_1; this.openGLControl1.RenderContextType = SharpGL.RenderContextType.FBO;

More than 50% of the times i run the app, the opengl control is black. In the console, errors appear. The first one says:

OpenGL Error: "Unknown Error", when calling function SharpGL.Clear

It is generated during the following call in openGLControl1_OpenGLDraw:


Is this a bug in SharpGL or am I missing something here?