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SharpGL 2.1

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Released: Jan 30, 2013
Updated: Feb 10, 2013 by dwmkerr
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Application SharpGL Binaries and Extension
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Application SharpGL Visual Studio Extension
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Release Notes

SharpGL 2.1

SharpGL 2.1 provides increased support for Materials and Textures. Much of the code in this release has come from TheOtherSean and I would like to thank him very much for his contributions!

2.1 fixes many bugs found in 2.0 and provides improvements in the Shader parsing. It also marks the beginning of a shorter release cycle for SharpGL, releases will be made more regularly from this point onwards.


  • The SceneGraph now has the IHasMaterial interface. This allows SceneObjects to render geometry with Materials and Textures bound to them.
  • The 'RenderTrigger' property of the OpenGLControl allows manual rendering to be used, rather than a timer/FPS approach.
  • The .obj loader has been improved to support the loading of materials from .obj files.
  • The PolygonLoadingSample has new menu options for switching rendering modes (line, filled, lighted/filled). It handles the rendering of materials and has a new menu option for clearing loaded polygons.
  • All Quadrics support materials.
  • Faces support materials.
  • The teapot supports materials.
  • Polygons support materials.
  • Materials can be created from a Bitmap object. Previously they could be created from a file path only.
  • The render loop can be turned off to allow rendering to be manually invoked.
  • Intellisense documentation is provided with the binaries.

Bug Fixes

  • Materials would attempt to bind a texture even if the texture didn't exist, this has been resolved.
  • Changing the framerate would have no effect in the OpenGLControl.
  • 2D Drawing Sample for WPF has had some bug fixes.
  • DrawText wasn't using display list numbers generated by OpenGL, causing issues in some scenarios.
  • GLSL Parser will no longer complain about invalid tokens in shaders.
  • glColor functions use the correct values when provided with bytes.
  • Framerate issues have been resolved in the WPF and WinForms controls.

Breaking Changes

  • The OpenGLDraw and GDIDraw functions are now RenderEventHandler delegate types rather than PaintEventHandler. RenderEventHandler takes a RenderEventArgs parameter which contains the Graphics objects.

Reviews for this release

It seems there is nothing that SharpGL and C# cant do! I'm currently writing an X3D 3.3 browser/engine using what is currently SharpGL 23905 - that is a testament in its self to how good SharpGL actually is. I've only run into a few issues with this release regarding Tessellation callback methods, and some new things in OpenGL 4.x but that doesn't mean this library wont support it in the future!
by GeralltGFranke on May 14, 2013 at 10:11 PM
It's just great it knews everything that OpenGl knews but in a managed context.
by UdvPeter on Mar 24, 2013 at 7:17 PM
This library saved my life: had to render a custom 3d chart in software mode from a service off-screen, my WPF version simply file to render from a service. It worked like a charm thanks to SharpGL.
by felixpollan on Mar 14, 2013 at 3:05 PM